ⓘ Esotericism is about secret knowledge for a small group of people. Esotericism also describes mystical, spiritual or occult viewpoints. Esotericism studies Gnos ..


ⓘ Esotericism

Esotericism is about secret knowledge for a small group of people. Esotericism also describes mystical, spiritual or occult viewpoints. Esotericism studies Gnosticism, Yoga, Alchemy, Magic, Spiritualism, Hypnosis, Astrology, Meditation, Mysticism, and Occultism. Many followers of Abrahamic faiths, particularly Christianity and Islam, have criticized Esotericism as black magic. Esotericism in religion is called "obscurantism".

Esotericism can also be about understanding symbolism and hidden meanings of many different books. They include religious books, philosophy books and books about history. They use these books as their texts.


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Franco Battiato

Francesco "Franco" Battiato was an Italian singer-songwriter, composer and filmmaker. He sometimes performed under the pseudonym Suphan Barzani. Battiatos songs had esoteric, philosophical and religious themes. He performed under many genres such as experimental pop, electronic music, progressive rock, and new wave. Battiato died on 18 May 2021 in Milo, Italy at the age of 76.