ⓘ Short story. The short story is a genre of literature. It is usually fictional narrative prose and tends to be more direct and less-detailed than longer works o ..

The Fly (1986 movie)

The Fly is a 1986 American British Canadian science fiction horror movie directed by David Cronenberg and is the second version of the 1957 short story of the same name by George Langelaan. It also starring Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Joy Boushel, Leslie Carson and was distributed by 20th Century Fox. It won an Academy Award in 1987.

Bikram malati

Bikram Malati born 12 July 2003 is an Indian actor who primarily works in Hindi films. He debuted in Krodh in 2019. He also appeared in Mismatched, an Indian drama web series based on When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. Malati is launching a new project, a biographical show titled Bikram malati which launched in 2020. untold story

Joseph Siravo

Joseph Siravo – April 11, 2021) was an American actor, producer, and educator. He was best known for his work on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning productions of Oslo and The Light in the Piazza. He also appeared as Johnny Soprano in The Sopranos and Fred Goldman in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Siravo died from prostate and colorectal cancer on April 11, 2021 at the age of 66.

Isi Leibler

Isi Leibler Hebrew: איזי ליבלר ; 9 October 1934 – 13 April 2021 was a Belgian-born Australian-Israeli international Jewish activist. Leiblers activities and campaign on behalf of Soviet Jewry are documented in the book: Let my People Go: The untold story of Australia and Soviet Jews 1969 – 1989, authored by Sam Lipski and Suzanne Rutland in 2015. Leibler had senior roles in the World Jewish Congress WJC, an umbrella organisation representing global Jewry, including Chairman of the Governing Board and Senior Vice President. Leibler was a columnist for The Jerusalem Post. He was also a regul ...

Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd was an English character actress whose long career has encompassed the stage and both the big and small screens. Her television work has been especially prolific. Shepherds surname has been variously rendered as "Shephard" and "Sheppard".

Cinderella boy (2019 short film)

Cinderella boy is a 2019 Philippine short film;and inspired by Cinderella.It was the first Philippine short film to be in Mentone Film Festival and also at Filminute;and even though its nominated.

Jackie (2016 movie)

Jackie is a 2016 biographical drama movie directed by Pablo Larrain and written by Noah Oppenheim. The movie stars Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy. Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup, and John Hurt also star. The movie is about Jackie Kennedy in the days when she was First Lady in the White House and her life immediately following the assassination of her husband, United States President John F. Kennedy, in 1963. It is partly based on Theodore H. Whites Life magazine interview with the widow at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, in November 1963. The movie was released in the United S ...

Who Shot Mr. Burns?

Who Shot Mr. Burns? is an episode of The Simpsons in two parts. The first part is the 25th and last episode of the 6th season. The second part is the first episode of the 7th season. Both parts were first broadcast on the Fox network. The first part was broadcast on May 21, 1995 and the second part was broadcast on September 17, 1995. In the first part, oil is found at the Springfield Elementary School. Mr. Burns takes all of the oil and tries to make everyone in Springfield angry. Mr. Burns later gets shot by someone. In the second part, the police in Springfield try to find the person wh ...

George Jung

George Jacob Jung, nicknamed Boston George and El Americano, was an American drug trafficker and smuggler. He was an important figure in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. Jung was a part of the Medellin Cartel, which was responsible for up to 90% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. His life story was based in the biopic Blow 2001, starring Johnny Depp as Jung. Jung was released from prison on June 2, 2014, after serving nearly 20 years for drug smuggling. Jung died at his home in Weymouth, Massachusetts from liver and kidney failure on May 5, ...

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. It is the sequel to Dragon Ball and adapts the latter 325 chapters of the original 519-chapter Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama which ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995. Dragon Ball Z aired in Japan on Fuji TV from April 1989 to January 1996, before getting subtitled or dubbed in territories including the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, India and Latin America. It was broadcast in at least 81 countries worldwide. It is part of the Dragon Ball media franchise. Dragon Ba ...

Space Chickens In Space

Space Chickens in Space is an Australian-Mexican-British-Irish animated television series created by Jose C. Garcia de Letona and Rita Street. The series was produced by Anima Estudios in Mexico, Studio Moshi in Australia, and distributed by Cake Entertainment, and was co-produced by the recent Dublin-based Gingerbread Animation and Disney EMEA. Described as a "surreal sci-fi comedy series" by the directors in an Annecy announcement video, the series was created by Jose C. Garcia de Letona and Rita Street. Jordan Goucher is the showrunner for the series, and it is directed and designed by ...

Journey (2012 video game)

Journey is an indie video game developed by Thatgamecompany. The game is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 3 in March 2012. Journey was the first video game to be nominated for a Grammy Award. In Journey the player controls a figure in the mantle in a large desert, traveling towards a mountain. Reviewers of the game said visual art and sounds of Journey and interaction with strangers that the player meets on the road were very good. Journey won several "game of the year" awards.


ⓘ Short story

The short story is a genre of literature. It is usually fictional narrative prose and tends to be more direct and less-detailed than longer works of fiction, like novels.

Short stories are closely related to oral spoken story-telling traditions and prose anecdotes. They all develop the story very quickly and come to a conclusion quickly too.

Many authors today release their short stories together in a book, instead of one at a time. A short story can be written in only 10 words or less.

  • The Red Room is a short gothic story written in 1894 by H. G. Wells. It was first published in March 1896 in a magazine called The Idler. It is about
  • short story by Roald Dahl. It was first published in a magazine called The New Yorker, in 1959. It was also included in a collection of short stories
  • Science Fiction writing. Each year they give the Nebula Award for Best Short Story In this list, the year means the year that the book was published
  • William Wilson is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1839. The theme is doppelganger. Another boy at his school looks and acts like himself
  • Toy Story 4 is a 2019 American computer - animated comedy movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It is the fourth movie in
  • Story of the Year is an American alternative rock band. They formed in 1995 in St. Louis. The members of the group are Dan Marsala, the singer, Ryan Phillips
  • Toy Story is a 1995 American computer animated buddy fantasy comedy adventure movie. It was the first Disney Pixar animated movie. Pixar made the movie
  • Maple Story is an online computer game made by the Korean company Wizet, and maintained and distributed by Nexon. Playing the game is free, but people
  • Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is a 2004 American comedy movie, released by 20th Century Fox. It is set in Las Vegas, Nevada and stars Ben Stiller
  • The Story of the Three Bears is a literary fairy tale. It was written by Robert Southey and first published in 1837 in a collection of his essays and
  • Toy Story 2 is a 1999 American computer - generated animation movie and a sequel to the 1995 film Toy Story It is the third Disney Pixar full - length

Kunja Bojji

Kunja Bojji was an Indian politician belonging to the Communist Party of India. He represented the Bhadrachalam seat in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly between 1985 and 1999. He belonged to the Koya community.


The Company of Wolves

The Company of Wolves is a 1984 British Irish fantasy horror movie directed by Neil Jordan and was based on the 1979 short story of the same name by Angela Carter. It stars Angela Lansbury, Sarah Patterson, David Warner, Brian Glover, Stephen Rea, Graham Crowden, Georgia Slowe, Kathryn Pogson and was nominated for 4 BAFTAs in 1985.


Liberty Place

Liberty Place are skyscrapers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. They are made up of a 61-story, 945-foot skyscraper called One Liberty Place, a 58-story, 848-foot skyscraper called Two Liberty Place, a two-story shopping mall called the Shops at Liberty Place, and the 14-story Westin Philadelphia Hotel. Construction of One Liberty Place was approved and the first phase of the project began in 1985 and was completed in 1987. One Liberty Place became the citys first skyscraper.


Lakshmi Nandan Bora

Lakshmi Nandan Bora was an Indian novelist and short story writer. He wrote in the Assamese language. He wrote over 60 books, including award winning novels, Patal Bhairavi and Kayakalpa. Bora was honoured with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest Indian civilian award in 2015. He was born in Assam, India. Bora died on 3 June 2021 from problems caused by COVID-19 in Guwahati, India at the age of 89.


Cinderella boy Part 3

A story based in Cinderella but a version;When Anastasia steals the wand of Fairygodmother and change history,Its up to Cinderella boy and his mouse friend to change time line and to re calm his Princess.


John Vernou Bouvier III

John Vernou Black Jack Bouvier III was an American Wall Street stockbroker and socialite. He was the father of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and of socialite Lee Radziwill. He was the father-in-law of John F. Kennedy. Bouvier was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in spring 1957. He was hospitalized at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan on July 27, 1957 to have chemotherapy. He died six days later, on August 3, aged 66.


List of heads of state of Eritrea

This is a list of heads of state of Eritrea. The office of President was created in 1993. The office has been held by Isaias Afwerki, since the offices creation.


Claudia Barrett

Claudia Barrett was an American actress. Her other movie credits included The Story of Seabiscuit and Chain Lightning, as well as one of the leads of A Life at Stake. In 1953, she played one of the lead roles, Alice, in the low-budget science-fiction movie Robot Monster.


Cora Sue Collins

Cora Sue Collins is an American former child actress. She was known for her roles in Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, and All This, and Heaven Too.


Haluk Bilginer

Haluk Bilginer is a Turkish movie, television and stage actor. He has appeared in more than 120 movies, television series and in theatre roles. He has starred in genres such as comedy, drama, adventure and crime stories. In addition to starring in Turkish movies and television series, he also stars in foreign movies and television series, including in Hollywood movies. He often plays villains and unsympathetic characters.


No One Writes to the Colonel (movie)

No One Writes to the Colonel is a 1999 French Spanish Mexican drama movie directed by Arturo Ripstein and is based on the 1961 novella of the same name by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It stars Fernando Lujan, Marisa Paredes, Salma Hayek, Rafael Inclan, Ernesto Yañez, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Esteban Soberanes, Patricia Reyes Spindola, Odiseo Bichir, Julian Pastor, Eugenio Lobo.


United States presidential pets

United States presidents have often kept pets while in office, or pets have been part of their families. Only James K. Polk, Andrew Johnson, and Donald Trump did not have presidential pets while in office. The pets are often known as "First Pets" of the United States.


Manila in the Claws of Light

Manila in the Claws of Light is a 1975 Filipino drama movie directed by Lino Brocka and was based on the novel In the Claws of Brightness by Edgardo M. Reyes. It stars Rafael Roco, Jr., Hilda Koronel, Lou Salvador, Jr., Tommy Abuel, Joonee Gamboa, Tommy Yap.